Speaking out means never shutting up

Re-posted from Kilo Alpha Tango

When I stood up for something, I didn’t realize that I would have to constantly defend my choices.

Well, it takes a toll. I advocate for something, I identify myself as ‘the other’, and I will endure an onslaught of questions. People question your commitment to an issue by judging how you live your life. Is it hypocritical to advocate to end violence and watch violent movies? Can it be a day job?

I think there are many out there with a tongue in cheek response about how we watch these shows and movies to study the violence, or to see how violence is normalized in the public view.

I can tell you one thing. There is so much injustice and rage that perhaps the outlet is watching these shows. Caring is exhausting. Sometimes I wish that I didn’t care about anything and let everything happen to others – it’s their problem, deal with it.

This is my inner dialogue when I question myself after others question me. I believe that I work to abolish racism and sexism as my main priorities. There are certainly elements of ageism and classism that creep into that work, but where do I draw the line in my priorities?

I think that’s why I really don’t have great answers when I’m questioned about this. Oh, it just got sad all of a sudden. Ok, well I’ll work on this a bit more and come back to it.


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