Food for thought


Last March I had a baby, and like many new moms I was eager to get back to my pre-baby shape. So, last summer I joined Weight Watchers to help me get back on track and better understand my nutritional needs as a new mom. This was the first time I had ever officially gone on a diet and I was really surprised with what I learned. When I’m hungry, eat fruits and vegetables.

I know it seems silly, but I didn’t ever really understand this nutritional basic. Before joining the program, I thought I knew about healthy, balanced eating, portion sizes and not to eat a lot (or any) processed foods that are high in fat or sugar. I always had fruit or vegetables at every meal, love salad, grow vegetables in my garden in the summer, indulge during berry seasons, but fruits and vegetables weren’t part of my snack food routine. 

With everything I do, I try to learn a lesson and take this lesson forward with me. My experience with Weight Watchers was a good one, not because I met my goal weight (in fact I never actually set a goal weight… or ‘finished’ the program for that matter), but because I transformed my way of thinking about food and snacking.

Now, I say I didn’t finish the program, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t achieve success. Simply incorporating veggies into my snacking has allowed me to lose more weight than I ever planned to. Initially I wanted to fit comfortably into my pre-baby clothes, which I did… but it didn’t stop there. 8 months later I’m 10 lbs lighter (132 lbs) than my average weight before having a baby. This is a consequence of one, easy nutritional change. Sure, I’m active, I chase after and play with my toddler, and breastfeeding definitely helped I think, but in hindsight I think I owe my silhouette today  to veggies.

I don’t expect that it is that simple for everyone who is trying to lose weight, in fact I really admire those who are on a sizable weight loss journey (sorry for the pun). I think it is unfair to simplify diet and nutrition, or ‘what works’ for those who have a significant amount of weight to lose, but I think there are lessons that can be learned in the little things. However, I do hope this thought for the day might encourage others who are packing their lunch today.

One thought on “Food for thought

  1. Great blog Kate! I’m looking forward to reading where the next (80-some?) days take you and your family!! I’ve made some pretty big changes to my diet (not an actual diet, just the food I eat!) recently, and now I really need to focus more on exercise! In addition to a lot of the other stuff you mentioned in your posts (living each day like it counts, intellectual connections, understanding emotions… some of those might just be my own!). Also, great writing, so fun to read.


    PS. We still need to meet up for our lunch date soon! If the weather is nice next week, let’s get some vitamin D over lunch hour. 🙂

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