This is my challenge for the week!


zusana light squat

Starting on Sunday, I am throwing down the gauntlet for myself and any of my followers who are wanting to tone their thighs. We are going to be doing 30 squats a day for 7 days. I’m not talking about half squats either, I mean full butt down past your knees squats.

Already masters of the squat? Do the squats while on your toes – the killer.

Who’s with me? You can tag them on to the end of your workouts and on your days off just a quick warm up, squats then 5 minutes walk and stretch to cool down.
Can’t do a full squat set? Don’t worry, alternate 5 sets/6 reps full squat then half squat.

Remember to do them in sets with a break in between to prevent burning yourself out! Also have your toes pointed out at a 30 degree angle, that way if you’re struggling…

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