No babysitter… no excuse!


So I’ve mentally made a commitment to log my accomplishments, no matter how small. So far, they are all pretty small. 3 minutes of exercise one day, I think I managed a 3 km walk another day… both are pretty pathetic and I need to get off my butt and really start working on fitness changes.

I saw this picture the other day and decided it needed to be my inspiration for the weekend. My partner is working this weekend so it is an opportunity for me to challenge my commitment. Last weekend he was away and I felt pretty accomplished – out at the dog park taking our little monster for a long run both days, with baby in tow, followed by grocery shopping, errands, cleaning the house and a little social time for me with friends. But, I wasn’t able to get to the gym, which is something I genuinely enjoy,

I suspect most people with kids find it fairly easy to find the excuse not to take time for their health or their body because it is difficult to incorporate kids into activities meant to improve individual fitness. The advent of jogging strollers has created a cult of “stroller-cisers”, which I tried to do, but didn’t really fit in with the other mommies (I’m pretty shy and don’t easily integrate into new groups… especially when I feel like I’m out-numbered by yuppie moms). I also love the chariots that go on the back of your bike, but I’m reluctant to do anything more than a leisurely ride with a little one following behind. There are also now child-minding services at the gym, which I really took advantage of when I was on maternity leave, but since going back to work I haven’t really taken advantage of this opportunity.

These are my excuses and I need to get over myself because any exercise is an improvement to what I’m doing now, and I know I’ll have more energy and more fun if I’m getting back into the things I love. Plus, I want to lead by example. I want my little girl to grow up active, adventurous, and living the examples I’ve set for her.

I have many things on my “to-do” list for the day and for the weekend, but number one is getting to the gym…. after writing this post 🙂


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