Work for it!

Work for it!

From the “Eat fat, get fit” FB page

I find incredible inspiration from pictures of women who are strong – not just physically, but mentally… and make no mistake, to be strong physically, it takes a very strong mind!

It is women like the one in this picture who make me realize that fitness is a way of life, something that must be incorporated into each day and isn’t just about physical activity, but about diet and having a mindset where health is a priority over all else. I say this because a body like this doesn’t come by chance. While genetics might have a little something to do with it, this woman has worked hard and probably sacrificed a few cookies along the way.

Yesterday I came down with a cold and following the homeopathic recipes of my mother decided ice cream would help my sore throat feel better… with hot fudge and peanuts of course 🙂 In hindsight, hot fudge sundaes don’t heal the body. Sleep and a little hot water with lemon and honey probably would be the better choice.

In the future I will try to be stronger (mentally) and fight off the desire for ice cream when I’m sick. I can’t say I will be as strong for the days when only ice cream can mend a bad day… after all, everyone needs a little something with a cherry on top to make them smile.

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