Day 1 – initializing the experiment

There is a rule in business – the 90 day rule. It basically states that whatever you do today, you will see the benefits of 90 days from now. I’d like to test this out… or at least measure all the little things that occur over the course of 90 days. In the spirit of science and discovery, I will make this a little study of life, growth, change, and accomplishment.

The question: do we notice change? My hypothesis, if we don’t measure our life’s activities, we don’t see or notice the change that occurs around us. Likewise, if we don’t set goals, we don’t work towards meaningful change.

Over the next 90 days I will observe and record the activities, events, accomplishments, and change that affects me and those who I have the most influence on: my 1 year-old daughter and partner. I include my daughter because she changes so much every day and I love watching her grow… I think I’ll be amazed by all that happens with her. I’d also like to see how this quiet experiment affects my partner. He has his own complaints and musings about how he would like to lose weight, get back to the gym, finish building a fence, get started on building a garage, have time to work on his car with his buddies, and balance his own work-life stress. 

So here it is… my baseline data:

I’m a 33 year old mother with moderate activity, fitness, and energy level. I have a regular office job as a public policy officer and while I really love the people I work with and feel inspired by some of the work I do, I feel like I could do a lot more and I’m disappointed in taking a “step back” in my career for the time being. I would like to be more active and I’m feeling “squishy” after having a baby. I read blogs and articles about amazingly-fit “normal” people and I want that to be me, but struggle with motivation, energy or support at home to really commit to being a super-fit mom who is always out hiking, biking and running with the baby and the dog. I don’t always eat well and find difficulty balancing time for myself with making sure every moment counts with my daughter, chores and housekeeping, walking the dog, keeping in touch with friends and family, renovations and yard work, feeling romantically/physically connected to my partner, and getting to the gym. 

My partner works hard in a skilled trade, but he’s always exhausted, his body hurts most of the time, and his energy level always seems drained. He put on quite a bit of “baby” weight and hasn’t managed to lose it but always talks about how it is a “priority”.He has grand ideas for a garage we are planning to build, but I’ve placed other things on the to-do list (like having a fenced yard for the dog and the baby) and we are on a  limited budget so we are trying to do most of the work ourselves. The spring and summer are his busy months with work and he works a lot of evenings and weekends, so it will be interesting to observe the changes over the next 90 days.

My little girl is a perfectly sweet little 13-month old who doesn’t quite walk, has a few words and sounds and is just learning how to put it all together. She inspires me each and every day and I know I will be amazed with all that she does.

So, here goes nothin’! 


2 thoughts on “Day 1 – initializing the experiment

  1. Hmmm. Good perspective. I’d forgotten about the 90 day business rule – thanks for reminding me. I also continue to have good intentions about being more fit and now you’ve given me a way to think about it that doesn’t feel so daunting.

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